Popeye’s Hero

Nov 11

Popeye says, “Fanks for rescuing my toy, Toilet Paper Head!!”

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Sterilize Me

Nov 10

I just returned from a company sanctioned baby shower. Part of the festivities included a word scramble, which I (super genius) won. When I received the $10 Starbucks card as my prize, I announced that I’d be using it to hop myself up on caffeine in hopes of completely burning up my ovaries. Horrified looks followed.

I may not be good at making babies, but I do a mean word scramble.

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Popeye the Sailorman

Nov 10


I am an uncoordinated, idiot of a dog mom. This morning, I lobbed Popeye’s favorite toy right up into a tree.

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Popeye the Sailorman

Nov 06

Popeye, aka Dog part 2, is freakin’ awesome. As to be expected, he’s a little spazzy but he listens well and is pretty much trained. He’s completely house broken, aside from a minor excited bladder explosion when Sly came by to meet him. Truthfully though… who doesn’t pee themselves the first time they meet Sly?

Today was his first day flying solo at home. We went to check on him over lunch and he’d gotten into a bit of trouble. A few shredded magazines and toilet paper was strewn about, as well as the phone on the kitchen floor. Was he trying to order a pizza? The most bizarre thing was that he’d placed the chewed up roll of TP on my desk beside my computer. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t notice?

Tomorrow, I’m going to try crating him for the day. I’m going on a blind date (wee!) over lunch so I won’t be able to skip home to check on him.

Expect Popeye pics soon!

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My Cheeks are Pink

Nov 03

49 feels like 44 feels like “problems? what problems?” when you’re going 60 mph down Richmond at 1 am.

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Good Things Do Happen

Nov 02

I am entirely unmotivated today and have become completely apathetic toward the disaster formerly known as our “production schedule.”

I want to go home. I want to smoke cigs. I want to play vids. I want it to be Friday.

On Friday, my new man is moving in…

Meet Popeye, my new homeboy.

Despite the advice of well-intentioned friends and family, I’m getting another dog this weekend. Some have suggested that I wait to see how I like life without a dog, and to them I say, “I already know that I like life with a dog.” Popeye comes from a family that I know and the opportunity to adopt him fell right into my lap. Like most boxer orphans, his family had no idea what they were getting into when they brought him home and now they can’t be rid of him soon enough. The details are not as heartless as my summary makes it sound, but long story short, they don’t want him anymore.

C’moooon, Friday!!

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Dear Internet

Oct 26

Yesterday, I thought my head was going to implode. Between work and bullshit, I managed to wrangle the paper pushers at the IRS into faxing me my tax transcripts. Bureaucracy is the procrastinator’s worst nightmare. Later, I spoke with my lawyer about my I-751 and her outlook was optimistic. One less fear of the unknown. When this is over, I can finally settle into my life here.

But my life has been weird lately.

I really had no idea how much I factored mags into so many parts of my day. She’s gone. I didn’t expect that I’d be reminding myself so many times each day. She’s gone. I’ve never lost anyone close to me before. She’s gone. Am I as sad as I should be? I’m free. Am I taking it too hard? She’s really gone.

So, I’m dealing. I’m grabbing onto the things that are positive and using them to mop up the suck. The result is semi ok.

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