Coming to America: The Prequel

Jun 18

One year ago today, I got my visa. Check back on Monday for a special Coming To America post, detailing my immigration story so far.
And on an unrelated note, K was the only person who bothered to call me on the story about how I got my name. Go back and reread it carefully to determine which details give away the fact that it’s a complete sham.

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Apr 28

I keep forgetting to mention that Thursday I received an invitation to join my local INS office for a good old fashioned finger printing.
For those of you US citizens that may be feeling like your rights and privacy are being threatened lately, take note. As an immigrant I am obligated to provide finger prints (and practically everything else) to the US government, even though I was able to prove that I have no previous criminal record in my native country. I am also prohibited from leaving the US without prior approval from the feds unless I plan on abandoning my petition for residency. And if I don’t like it, I just have to lump it because I can’t vote until/unless I become a citizen.

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Ricky Don’t Lose That Number…

Mar 13

(insert bosterious cheers of glee)

I finally got my social security number!!

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Behold The Almighty EAD!!

Dec 17

Get a job!Before we entered the INS office, John and I made a little wager. $10 on whether or not my EAD interview would be an exhaustive nightmare or a breeze.

From the get-go, things look bad. Security stopped us because I had inadvertantly left my digital camera in my purse, forcing John to run it back to the truck. Once inside, I scoped out the Employment Authorization area and quickly surmised that it was going to be a quickie.

Of course I was right, and with the exception of John’s incident with the cranky INS officer who chased him around yelling, “I told you to get out of the way!” All told, we were in and out in an hour. All that’s left now is to find a job.

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All I Want For Xmas

Dec 07

This Thanksgiving, I made a point of noting that this year I am thankful for my visa. Sure I now have a great husband, a wonderful home and everyone’s still healthy, but the visa was a big accomplishment and with out it things would be alot different.

I got my first xmas card from my Nanny back in Toronto today. Despite the fact that I usually cringe at the thought of spending xmas with my extended family, I feel a touch sentimental mostly because I couldn’t spend the holiday with them even if I wanted to.

On Friday I got my notice to appear for my EAD (emplyment authorization document) interview on December 17, 2002. At long last, I will be able to work again. Ofcourse this means I won’t be able to sit around and play video games all day, but it also means that I won’t have to sit around playing video games all day.

In short, all I want for xmas is my EAD.

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Too Much

Oct 09

So my I-485 application was returned because I foolishly submitted a personal check as payment. The most painful part came when I had to go pick up the parcel at the post office. The mailperson had failed to record some number and neglected to indicate who the package was addressed to, so it took the guy twice as long to find it. Once he did manage to locate it, he took my passport as ID, then returned to tell me my husband would have to sign for it as it was in his name. I asked to see the package, and ofcourse, it was addressed to me. Apparently, the guy failed to notice this despite the fact that he’d been walking around with my passport in his hand for a freakin’ half hour. His excuse? “I just assumed Dusty was a guys name.” Thanks, bud.

In Canada you can go into any bank and purchase a US money order. Do you think any US banks offer reciprocal service? Don’t even bother answering that question with a “yes” and don’t bother giving me any “reasons” for it either. I’m bitter, I admit it.


Onto B.R.O.F Business

1. Crickrock has apparently bit the dust, so I’ve created a new ring that is hosted here at Any former B.R.O.F members that haven’t signed up should do so. When you enter you’re URL please include the “http://” bit at the begining or the ring code will not work. Any new people who may want to join can apply, but be warned, I’m not making any promises as the ring was originally created to link a specific group of people.

2. Dayna your site ID is 3 not 2. If you could change your ringcode to reflect that, I’d love ya to bits.

3. I’m working towards making the ring pages a little nicer to look at, but I’ve been a touch distracted lately.


Onto “Where Have I Been Lately” Business

John brought home Earth and Beyond and I’m hooked. Yes, I realize it’s made by EA… it hurts me more than it hurts you. And no, Neil had nothing to do with it. For some reason this makes me feel alot less dirty.

ps. Matt when are you gonna realize that LJ is a scary cult? Dayna has already dispatched the goons who will be kidnapping you and taking you to a safe location for deprogramming. It’s for your own good. ;)

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