How I Spent My Xmas Vacation

Jan 04

Pre-Xmas Weekend

  • Jeremy came over and I bored him by making bracelets for his entire visit.
  • I babysat for Sarah and bored her child by taking pictures of said bracelets.
  • I made up fruity names for my wares and was made fun of by Sarah.
  • I created an online store for my jewelry. I’ve only listed a few items, but so far I’ve managed to sell a big fat nothing. Yay me!

Xmas Week

  • Spent the holidays with the Man and his family.
  • Played LOTS of playstation, xbox and nintendo.
  • Watched (not babysat, people, watched!) the Man’s 11 year old. We slept until 1 pm, stayed in our pjs all day and ate pizza for breakfast. Call me Super Bad Role Model!
  • Saw The Holiday (feat. Jack Black – yum!)
  • Made more bracelets as well as some necklaces and earrings.

New Years Weekend

  • Attended 2 pre-NYE parties.
  • Saw a naked man at one of them.
  • Got made fun of for being Canadian.
  • Spent NYE blowing up fireworks and burning down my thumb with a #10 sparkler.
  • Saw Night at the Museum (again) at one of those dinner theaters. The chick next to me was snorting her own phlegm and snot for the entire film. It made my dinner taste extra delish!

Gifty Goodness

  • I was totally surprised with the gift of TiVo. I love TiVo.
  • I also got some new jewelry making tools and a torch. Wanna melt things with me?


I hope everyone had happy holidays.
Don’t forget, only 17 shopping days until my 7th annual 27th birthday!
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In Case You Were Wondering

Jan 02

I’m not dead. In fact, I’m very much alive and I think I like it. Happiness feels kind of weird.

Stay tuned for “How I Spent My Xmas Vacation!”

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