Recently Seen on The Phone Cam

Jul 30

On Saturday, July 29 I went to see Devocion, an art show at Bombshell Tattoos.

That’s right. It’s a slab of tattoo’d animal flesh, frozen into an ice scuplture.

He was “making eyes” at me all night.

Me, being eaten alive by a swarm of ‘skeeters.

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Welcome to Houston

Jul 18

Today my mum is flying in from Montreal for a mini vacation. The weather will be typical.

Scattered thundershowers, 40C (104F), 52% hummidity.

Right now the sky is turning pitch black. It would be cool if my mum got see what a real subtropical rainstorm feels like! I just hope it can hold off until we get back from the airport. She doesn’t need to see what flash flooding looks like!

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It’s Where I’m From

Jul 14

Texans can often be exasperated by my semi-constant talk of Canada. This in itself is a classic example of the difference between our 2 countries. The United States is just where I live; Canada is where I’m from. This is not a very American attitude.

Every once in a while, I really miss certain things about my home and native land. Here’s what I’m missing lately:

1. Canadian television. This is something you can’t really appreciate until you’ve gone without it for a while.
2. The TTC. Seriously. Functional public transit is the shit.
3. Toronto. Canadians down here may have zero appreciation for the TDot, but it’s still home in my heart.
4. Ricker Mercer.

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“Good news, everyone!”

Jul 09

It’s raining. Again. I suppose I’d rather have a rainy hurricane season than a “hurricane-y” one. It’s been raining so often (everyday), that I finally buckled and bought a proper rainsuit. Okay, a semi-proper one; the pants are only water-resistant. I also got a really nice “storm-proof” jacket for 25% off. Hobos help me if I’m ever actually riding my bike in a Texas rain storm!

Continuing with my Everything Doesn’t Suck theme for 2006, I found out that my previous apartment complex is fully refunding my pet deposit. This is highly unexpected news which I intend to write off as a dose good karma. Money in mitten, I’ll be able to pay off the rest of my “grown up tv” and put half down on a new washer and dryer or finally buy myself a dining room table. This is where you get the mental image of me standing in a heap of cash, gleefully throwing fistfulls into the air. Maybe if I cash the check into $1 bills, I might have enough for a small pile.

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