“It’s my party, I

Jan 20

27 + 4 Things about 31
(elaboration to come)

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Mystery Illness: Day 5

Jan 19

I had the best intentions when I switched over to the 2004 design. This was to be the year I really get back into my blog and did away with my neglectful habits.
But then the sickness came… creeping up on me since Xmas time and finally landing a swift blow to the kidneys last week. Suddenly, even something as simple as walking the dog has become a painful task.
I often forget what a go-goer I am. When walking, I move at a brisk pace. When cleaning, I charge non-stop through the mess until it’s over. Quick and hopefully painless. I never imagined I would have to pace myself when walking to the mailbox or towel-drying my hair. Everything leaves me gasping for breath.

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27 Things V.2004

Jan 13

So this is it, my new look for 2004. There are still a few additional pages that need to be added (ie. my bio, colophone and links), but once everything is set up, I hope the new site will be a bit of a departure from past versions. It’s my goal for 2004 to have a site that is different and not just in the way it looks.
Please let me know if you discover anything has gone a bit wonky. I don’t have time nor patience to review every entry in my archive, so there may very well be instances where images are blowing up my tables or who know what else.
Anyway, hope every had a great holiday and good things to come in the new year.

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Excuse Me, Your Briefs Are Showing

Jan 05

Welcome, Go Fishers!
I’m sorry I don’t have more recent reading for you, but with parental visits, a new year, EAD crap, work woes and a whole new 27 Things for 2004, I’ve been just a little more than very busy.
Thanks for stopping by.

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