Bye Bye Mom. Hello, Mad Cow Disease

Dec 30

Yesterday, we celebrated my parents’ last night in the Big H by treating them to dinner at Fogo de Choa. Fogo is a Brazillian Churrascaria, which is basically an all you can eat meatfest. Although they have a traditional salad bar, the meat is served from giant skewers offered up by Gaucho chefs.
Each diner is presented with a disk. One side is red and the other green. When the green side is facing up, the numerous Gauchos appear offering everything from pork tenderloin to bottom sirloin. Your selection is sliced off a sword-like skewer directly onto your plate. Every bit of lamb, chicken, beef and pork is unbelievably delicious. To top everything off, the service is flawless.
At one point during the meal a staff member approached my mother and politely asked, “You’re not finished already are you?”
Despite all the media hype about Mad Cow, the place was totally packed. While BSE was definitely the table topic of choice, it didn’t seem to stop anyone from stuffing their face full of beef.
Mmm, meat.

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Shut Up and Eat Your Big Bird: Part Two

Dec 25

My father’s favorite xmas story has to be the one about the Mennonite Turkey from Snelgrove Fleamarket.
Every Sunday, we would buy homemade sausage, smoked pepperettes and other free-range meats from the Kitchener Mennonites. Dressed in their traditional garb, they sold poultry, eggs and other meats from their white trailer near the livestock auction.

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Home Safe and Only Slightly Stained

Dec 24

Safe at home and only slightly stained
Click the thumbail for a larger view of Maggie chillin’ on the couch the day after her visit to Saddam’s rat hole.

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Bad, Bad Humans

Dec 24

Yesterday we returned from an overnight trip to San Antonio and Austin with my parents. In a weak attempt at foresight, John and I had decided to drop Mags off at her usual groomers to be boarded from Sunday (the day my parents arrived) until the day we got home from our intended roadtrip.
Initially, everything went as planned. We managed to make it home just in time for my parents to check into our appartments guest suite and left them to settle in while we zoomed off to pick up my girl.

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Shut Up and Eat Your Big Bird: Part One

Dec 21

Like many families, mine has it’s Xmas stories. Each of my parents have their favorite, which they never fail to tell during the holiday season.
My mom’s story takes place the year after she left my dad, shortly before I turned 19. The house had been sold and ownership was to transfer on January 1st. Most of the furniture had been divided and sent to the respective abodes, the rest tossed or given away. Also tossed that year was our family “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”. It was the very same tree we had set up and decorated since my birth, and by that point it was certainly showing its age. It was my mom who had dubbed it “the Charlie Brown tree” and it was she, also, who decided it was time for it to go.

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Return of the 24 Ounce Coke

Dec 18

If you decide to take part in the 3 1/2 hour conclusion of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, do yourself one favor: don’t go for the big drink.

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It’s Begining to Look A Lot Like Xmas

Dec 17

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a dish, spoon or cup was left unused by my spouse;
The laundry was strewn across the sofa without care,
In hopes that a cleaning lady soon would be there;

With only five more days until my parents arrive, it’s finally time to get down and clean the hell up.

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Cartoons Make Me Smrt

Dec 15

Animated Discourse, is a great article about social and political commentary in adult-oriented cartoons.
“… South Park, bane of religious moralists everywhere, is actually kind of right-wing.
Not conservative. But not liberal, either. An intensely political show – really – South Park almost always comes down on the libertarian side of an argument. Its targets range from environmental crusaders to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to government-run sex education.”
It’s a shame the article doesn’t mention Futurama – the retrospective mockery of all things 21st century.

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Dec 14

Last week was a whirlwind of matchprints, panic-y phone calls from the press, curt exchanges with the INS, and horrible news from John’s family. In short, the book is done, I still don’t have an EAD and John’s sister passed away in her sleep.
This is how next week is shaping up:
Monday: meeting with employers re: future of my position with the book; get TX drivers license
Tuesday: funeral
Wednesday: get up at 4 am and wait in “the line” at the Northpoint INS office
Thursday: clean house
Friday: clean more
Saturday: shop for food and gifts
Sunday: get parents from airport
Sounds like fun, non?

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I’ll Have Mom For Xmas

Dec 12

Hey! In all the worry about EADs and magazine proofs, I have neglected to mention that my mom and stepdad are coming to Houston for the week of Xmas.
The holidays are a pretty big event for my mom’s side of the family. She has 3 sisters, each with a husband and 2 kids. Add in our family of 3 (now 4 with John) and my grandparents. How many is that? Too many. Infact, the extended family likes to refer to itself as “the gang”. What else would you expect from a bunch of Newfies?

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