Finally. A Survey That Doesn’t Totally Suck.

Aug 29

I feel like my head is going to explode from all the things that are currently driving me insane. Rather than bore you with demented rants and raves about everything from my dog having worms to my job to Houston drivers, here is a survey that I cribbed from Jody.
I also cribbed the term “Cribbed” from Jen @ Circadian Shift.

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Time Flies When You’re Having Pork

Aug 26

27 Things I Have Been Up To Lately
1. Playing tennis afterwork. I might not suck in a few more weeks.
2. Going to the beach again.
3. Playing a new MMORPG. Guess which one.
4. Atkins ~ take 3.
5. Working too many bridal shows. Ok, maybe only 2, but that’s 2 too many.
6. Driving past ridiculous billboards that bradcast silly ad slogans like the one in the title.
7. Wishing I had some pork right now because this day is dragging.

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Murphy’s Law

Aug 14

Just another thing for Toronto to add to their 2003 “I Survived” list.
Freakin’ office phones have calling card calls blocked so I’m not even able to call my mom in Montreal to do a disaster check-in call. Does anyone remember the James Burke Connections episode about this type of event?

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