From the “People I Know” File

Jul 25

Zoe Whittall is definately one of those people that you meet and later regret that you didn’t make more time to get to know better. You can’t necessarily call these people friends but aquaintance is too removed. They end up falling somewhere in between in that vague collection of people you just know.
That doesn’t mean I don’t love her bunches. Now she has her own website where I can go catch up on her literary adventures and find links to all her articles and junk. Weee!
Buy her book. It rocks.
July 12 was Jason Pultz’s 26th birthday. Seeing as how the party was in T.O. I was not able to grace him with my pointy-boobed, mitten-handed presence. Happy belated birthday, Jason.
Jason has stuff to buy also. Buy it.
Speaking of Jason, remember last month when I made up that crazy story about the origin of my name? Well, shortly after I noticed this installment of Comic Strip… coincidence or what?

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You Know You Need a Vacation When…

Jul 23

Sometime on Friday afternoon I rubbed my eyes. Actually I had been rubbing my eyes all day, but this particular time I noticed my right eye felt as if it had recently been poked.
Generally, a poke in the eye isn’t something that you don’t notice. It’s not like a bump on the shin or something that several days later, forces you to retrace your steps in order to figure out how the hell you got such a nasty bruise. Outside of my admitted staring problem, I am not always the queen of observation, but I highly doubt I would miss being poked in the eye.

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Falling Off The Edge of The World

Jul 21

1. Yes, I live.
2. To those that keep checking back, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything for a while.
3. I guess it was an impromptu blog vacation.
4. I was sucked back into that which shall not be named, but now something even more unspeakable has emerged.
5. I still blog in my head, if that counts for anything. Too bad these blogs never make it to my site.
6. Certain things have me feeling really restricted. I can’t say everything I want to say. This really bothers me alot.
7. Anyone interested can always email me.
8. That’s all for now.

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The True North Strong and Free

Jul 01

Happy Canada Day!
Incase you needed further proof of my retardedness, I’ll tell you that I celebrated my national holiday by singing “O Canada” to myself on my commute to work. Tonight I’m making flapjacks, beaver tails and back bacon for dinner accompanied by a nice cold bottle of Molson Canadian.
OK, not really, but it sounds yummy.

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