Diversion From My Diversions

Mar 31

I’m tired – tired of having the topic of war constantly shoved in my face. Although I admit to being a political fence-sitter most of the time, when I want to feast on rhetoric, I know where to look. The problem is that lately, it’s everywhere I look. On my tv, on my radio, in the breakroom at my office and my last refuge, the internet, has become supersaturated with war-related commentary.

Gone are the days where I could surf through blogs and be entertained. Now I am informed, misinformed, desensitized, debriefed and more often than not, I am insulted. I try to tell myself that art and intellectual discourse are meant to challenge one’s beliefs, but the only thing being challenged these days is my patience. I mean, crap, I make an effort to find some fluff to distract me from the frustrations of my usual distractions only to discover that even dogs are talking about war these days.

Are you with me? Well here’s the start of my list of war-free websites:

Dublog // topics and images relating to art and design stuff.

Jpeg the dog // cute dog, cute poem.

Dial-a-song // They Might Be Giants random song generator.

William Gibson’s blog // not entirely war-free but close enough. Besides, he’s effin’ cool!

If you have or know of any other war-free blogs or sites that might interest me, send ‘em over. I’m desperate.

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Carnivorous Dosmetic Bliss

Mar 31

Back before Xmas, John and I took a stab at the Atkins Diet. During the first 2 weeks of this high protien diet, your carb intake is restricted to about 24 g per day. This carb clampdown eliminates any breads, grains, most dairy and any starchy veggies like carrots, corn and potatos. A diet that perscribes a strict regiment of meat, eggs, lettuce and cheese seems hard to believe, but after several weeks there was a noticable difference.

Eventually, though, we got sick of it. There were moments when we would collectively dream about how wonderfull it would be to eat a piece of toast. On New Year’s day we rewarded ouselves for our carnivorous diligence by binging on some Mexican food. As you can imagine, the whole diet went right out the window the minute that first nacho chip hit our lips.

This past week we decided to give the whole thing another go. Last time around we quickly tired of the sausage, bacon, hamburger rotation, so I’ve decided to expand my culinary horizons. I’ve already reinvented my mom’s amazing Beouf Brasse and last night I made my very first roast.

Look out June Cleaver, here I come… I’ll be the one wearing the “where’s the beef” apron.

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Reverse Psychology

Mar 30

Blogshares would be alot more entertaining if my blog shares were actually worth something. Whatever you do, do not invest in my site. My shares might actually gain some value and we all know what a disaster that would be.

While you’re at it, don’t comment on my new design either.

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Renewed Enthusiasm

Mar 29

Call me a simpleton, but I love my new layout. Even if John keeps referring to it as cute. At any rate, I ‘m feeling alot more enthusiastic about blogging now that I have blue sky and puffy white clouds waiting for me.

John has got me into Blogshares, so I’ve done away with my links page and dropped everything into the sidebar (for now). Speaking of John… his site is insanely popular these days. Insanely. The good news is that I’m making lots of cash off those 400 shares he convinced me to buy. *wink*

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Only So Many Songs Can Be Sung

Mar 29

After what seems like a million hours, I have finally created a new design for the site. Actually I’ve created about 10 new designs but I’ve finally finished one that I like. That said, the site should be slowly morphing over the course of the day.


Tada! The metamorphosis is pretty much complete. This design falls short on all the bells and whistles seen in many of my past designs… I guess John was right when he said, “One day you’ll realize you just don’t need all that shit. It’s a pain in the ass.” I’m sure I’ll find some things to tweek – I haven’t even checked for browser compatability yet.

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I Used To Have A Name, Now I’m A Number

Mar 28

This morning I heard the best traffic report ever: I-10 Katy Freeway outbound slowed from 610 due to work. Now if only every station would be so to the point, I might never be late. It boggles me that traffic slow-downs only make reports if they are caused by accidents, stalls or some other kind of incident. Not to mention that some radio stations seem to think that outbound traffic isn’t a major concern at all. Well, it concerns me, and the minute I get a cell phone, those radio stations are gonna know it… or not.

Anyway, it was the local 80′s station that gave that traffic report and by the time I finished laughing, the Joan Jett had started the spirograph known as my thought process. It started with “when will they make a fictional retrospective of the 90′s a la 1969 or that 70′s show?” The thoughts some how spun to “Has my life turned out to be what I imagined it would be when I was a teenager?” Finally looping around to “1-2-3 Repeater” by Fugazi and how we used to think the words were “1-2-3 Rubena” until one day one of us actually looked at the album sleeve. At that point I realized my thoughts we spirographing in bumper to bumper traffic on I-10 and I would be smart to focus my attention on driving.

“I used to have a name, now I’m a number. 1-2-3 repeater!”

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Are You There, Mom? It’s Me, Dusty.

Mar 23

It amazes me that at 30, I’m still able to pull one out of left field and knock my mother’s socks off.

As usual, Sunday brought the weekly call from Montreal…

“How’s your mouth holding out?” She asked.


“Your mouth,” she said again, “With the US at war and all, we imagined you would have at least one black eye by now!”

Like many a Canadian, I have been guilty of anti-American sentiment. Leave it to a mother to call out her own loud-mouth offspring.

As I explained to her, even if I did still harbor resentment toward the US, I sure wouldn’t go around shooting my mouth off. I mean, c’mon… I live in Texas. To be quite honest, when the topic comes up, I am quick to criticize the Canada. As a Canadian living in the US, not a week goes by where I’m not embarrased by the words and actions of my own government.

She laughed in utter amazement. What happened to the anti-American daughter of days gone by? Little did she know I still had a sucker punch waiting.

“Did I tell you about the Rally for America?” I asked her, quickly sharing my experiences at the pro-American demonstration.

“Hang on a sec… This is Dusty, right? Have I dialed the wrong number?”

Needless to say, she was stunned. Before she could accuse John of totally brainwashing me, we dipped into the politics of US-Canada relations. We went on to discuss everything from the future of the Liberal party to the difference between Socialism and Parlimentary Democracy.

At 30, I love having intellectual conversations with my mom. Sometimes she amazes me too. Especially when she gets that fake serious tone in her voice and says, “Well you know, every time a baby is born in America, they cut the umbilical cord and inject a patriotic serum.”

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Bombs Over Baghdad

Mar 20

Today was a day full of memories.

It started with the obvious recollection of January 1991. I recall sitting in the basement of my parents’ house, staying up until wee hours studying for exams and watching CNN. I listened as they reported virtually uncensored until one reporter ran in on the other. “What are you doing? Get under the fuckin’ bed!” as the bombs raining down sounded off in the background. Then they cut the feed. That year I wrote my term paper on US government and media relations in time of war.

Later at work, tearing up a misprinted mailing list conjured a different memory from my youth. It was the time I found a torn up note from my mother to my father in the kitchen trash. I fished out as many pieces as I could and tried to put it back together like a messy puzzle. It was during the on-again off-again time in their marriage before they decided on divorce. I don’t remember what it said, but I felt ashamed for prying into my mom’s personal feelings. In a fit of guilt I had attempted to shove it all back into the garbage, making it look as random as possible.

Spring must be in the air – all these memories surfacing, not to mention all the old friends popping up in my inbox this week…

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Too Tired To Think

Mar 14

The past 10 days have been nothing less than a whirlwind. I’m now officially working at my new job which means sooner or later I will be bringing home my first USD paycheck. In some ways I feel like this is my very first job… Considering it’s been about a year since I was last employed, the 9-5 is taking some re-adjustment. In short, I’m freakin’ exhausted. It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve had to wake up before 8 am in order to arrive to work on time and I’ve never really had to commute up until now.

The new job is exciting, in that it’s at a full color, glossy magazine. Even though it’s ad driven rather than content, I still hope that it will allow me more insight into the editorial world of print, as well as give me a taste of the business end of things. I find my self feeling a little reserved and maybe even less enthusiastic than someone in my position should be. I am thrilled to be working again and the thought of a paycheck makes me jump for joy. I don’t know… call it culture shock. Getting back into the swing of work mode is going to take a bit of time.

Speaking of time, the free variety is quickly becoming a hot commodity. Between husband, dog, chores and work, it seems like I am lucky to find a few minutes a day to veg out. Staring blankly at a screen (be it a tv or monitor) could become somewhat of a coveted activity. I’m begining to notice that my desired plans for freetime seem to grow as my amount of actual freetime dwindles. The less time I have, the more I want to do with it.

I am slowly gearing up for a redesign, though I wonder if I’ll ever have an opportunity to acutally pull it off. I have also been toying with the notion of making an html email to update my various family members on my life in Htown. I’m finding I don’t have time for DAoC anymore, and I’m honestly too tired to think about it. Infact, I’m too tired to think anymore about this list of things I do and do not have time for, so I’ll end this with ETC.

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Ricky Don’t Lose That Number…

Mar 13

(insert bosterious cheers of glee)

I finally got my social security number!!

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