I Had A Clever Title For This Post

Feb 27

Yesterday I actually had a job interview. Amazing, I know. Despite the fact that it’s not a design job, it’s still a promising opportunity – Admin Assistant at a small west side magazine office. They are looking specifically for a mac user, but all my industry experience doesn’t hurt my chances. Second interview will probably happen Monday.

It’s temp to hire through an agency, so the interview was one part form filling, one part interview and one part testing. Ack. So far it seems like I have a very good chance of landing the job. The downside is it’s an hour commute from home and the hours are 8:30 – 5:30. This means I would have to drop John off at work everyday at 7:30 am and pick him up somewhere around 6:30 pm.

Afterwards, I was at home decompressing when I got a call to come in for another interview tomorrow. Not only is this a design position (graphic artist/art director) but it’s also really close to home. Come home for lunch and walk the dog close. No details as of yet, but I’ll know the score tomorrow.

One side note: I discovered that I was supposed to take my EAD and apply for a SSN. Somehow I got the impression that all I needed was the EAD. Oops. Needless to say, I was up early this morning, waiting for my name to be called at the Social Security office. Fun, fun.

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The Hunt For Red Jobtober

Feb 24

That’s what Val refered to it as today…

It goes on and on. I can’t say I’m not discouraged. I’ve basically gone from focusing on every design and advertising firm in Houston to marketing myself as some kind of admin assistant. There is still the odd design and/or production job, but not having a car really limits me.

I guess the hardest part is trying not to take it personally. I worked my ass off to get from one foot on the street to building a great career that I love and now I feel like I’m practically unemployable. John gives me tons of great pep talks but for some reason the story about the aerospace engineer he worked with at McDonalds makes me want to burst into tears.

Would you like fries with that?

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At Least I Can Still Laugh At Myself

Feb 18

diesel sweeties
Read the whole strip at Diesel Sweeties.

Thanks for the laugh, Jeff.

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War. What Is It Good For?

Feb 12

Making people paranoid, I guess.

Had my weekly chat with the mom yesterday. We spoke briefly about the possible war and the government statements about stocking up incase of emergency and such. She talked a bit about what life was like during the icestorm, specifically about the stores running out of food. In the end, she blamed “George Sr.” for this whole Iraqi mess, saying that he should have “taken Saddam out when he had the chance.”

The last thing my mom said before the usual “love you!” *click* was “I just wish you weren’t so far away.” I know right now my family is really wishing that Texas was in Canada. As niave as it is, there is a feeling of safety that comes with being on the other side of that undefended border.

It’s surprising to hear so much criticism coming out of Canada in regards to planned US military action. I think that perhaps they feel that standing beside the US in this fight will expose them as a target. Who can argue that they aren’t vulnerable and pretty much defenseless against attacks of any kind? Right now, Canada feels safe. They want to keep thinking that way.

Funny how I had to change “Canadians” to “they” because people like my mother, who is by no means a politico nor a warmonger, feel that things have run their course and all we can do now is buckle down and ride it out.

Later in the evening, John came into the bedroom, where I was happily watching cartoons, to discuss a contingency plan to follow in the event that the city should blow up or something. I make light of it because the whole topic makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Yesterday while watching the Osama speech for John, I found myself thinking, “Ugh, I can’t wait until this is all over and done with.” Maybe a small part of me wishes I was still in Canada where it’s “safe.”


In non-war related news, a mysterious person searched my site for “shoes” and “soles” recently. No idea what that was about… said person can feel free to post a comment or email me if they’re looking for something in particular.

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Alternative Career Paths

Feb 06

After almost a month of posting, searching and emailing I finally got an inquiry (yes ONE) about possible a job. Should that offer fall through, I’ve begun compiling a list of alternate career paths. All these jobs we pulled from todays listings at monster.com:

1. Intelligence Agent – this job involves sales, cold calling and proactive probing for details *shudder* some how I imagined it to be a little more glamorous

2. HOT!! Firewall Engineer Needed Immediately – really… how many hot firewall engineers are there?

3. Dream Job – * Model Scout * – woooo dream job. yeah.

4. Genetic Analysis Sales Representative – who would you sell this to? hypochondriacs?

5. Pharmaceutical Sales Opportunities – this would be great. I’d make a fortune selling perscription drugs to my friends.

6. Named Account Representative – Lucky for me that I was named, otherwise it might hurt my chances of scoring this great position.

Enough nonesense… back to posting, searching and emailing.

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All I Know Is That I Don’t Know Nothing

Feb 05

I keep asking myself why I don’t blog anymore; I don’t have an answer. I could say it’s because I’m too busy looking for a job or being married, but it wouldn’t really be true.

Yesterday I discovered that the cafe that recently opened in our complex sells wonderfull hot tea. Earl Grey. Black, hot tea. I enjoy smelling it as much I as enjoy drinking. I’m tempted to ask my mother to mail me some Red Rose. Pity.

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