Jan 20

Thanks to all the people who dropped by or emailed to wish me a happy birthday! I will be posting my state of the birthday address tomorrow so stay tuned.

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Stress Ya Later

Jan 16

As the need for me to get a job increases, so does the pressure in my head.

I’ve sent out a bunch of resumes to prospective employers and recruiting agencies and as a result I now have to answer all those unknown numbers. Drag. The first call I answered was an overly softspoken collector from one of my Canadian credit card companies that left me feeling belittled and off-kilter.

Earlier today I posted my resume on Usenet. When I went back and performed a search on my name to see if it had posted, I was presented with 3 pages of old Usenet posts. It caught me off guard because I’d forgotten all about those days. In related news, my monster resume has already been viewed by employers 1 time.

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n/p Get A Job by Sha Na Na

Jan 15

Having finally finished tweaking my printed resume, my emailable PDF resume and my online resume and portfolio, I’m off! My job hunt got off to an overly involved start today, as I completed the ultra thorough application at Aquent.

If you live in the downtown Houston area and think I might make a great addition to your print and/or web design team, drop me a line via email and I will send you a link to my resume and portfolio.

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27 Will Be Her Year

Jan 09

when we killed who we were to become who we are, what did we do with the bodies?

Jody’s diary to me is as the sunday comics are to a seven year old. If only i could read it on the floor, laying on my belly with my hands tucked under my chin…

I envy her.

A long time ago (or so it seems) I made the decision to forgo my bigtime dream of being a writer. It brought me suffering on so many levels; I refused to get a normal job which would afford me food and housing and I put myself through constant misery in the name of “the struggling artist’s life.” So I went out and did the things I needed to do in order to have a nice fat paycheck. It wasn’t a concious sacrifice… I never acknowledged that I would have to give one up for the other. One day I just woke up and thought to myself, “I don’t think I’m a writer anymore.”

So maybe I’m crazy to be jealous of Jody, who writes about not having enough bus fare and dreaming about money woes. But she has a book, and another book on the way. She sends out query letters and grant applications and when she says, “I’m a writer,” she’s not totally full of shit. Jody is for real.

If nobody minds, I’ll live my (wanna-be) life of a writer vicariously through her.

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Inspiration a la Marbles

Jan 08

Thanks to Andrea for the crafty inspiration. The top pic shows my marble magnets made with origami paper, while the bottom pic is my attempt at a bracelet a la van Gogh (Branch of an Almond Tree in Blossom ~ 1890). The bracelet hasn’t finished setting yet, so its final success is yet to be determined.

origami marble magnets

van Gogh marble bracelet

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Come Out! Come Out! Where Ever You Are!

Jan 08

Yes, the rumors are true. I live. Holidays have been a busy time… getting in as much slacking as possible before my big job search. Fear not, “blog more” was on my list of new years resolutions.

I had a nice long update ready to post, but my computer crashed. I’ll work on catching you all up soon, I swear. Here’s hoping everyone had a happy holiday.

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