London Calling?

Dec 23

RIP Joe Strummer.

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Oh, Other Site! Oh, Other Site…

Dec 18

[sung to the tune of "Oh Tannenbaum"]

Looks like big red marker will finally get it’s time in the sun. Origianlly, I wasn’t going to link it here, mostly because I wanted it to be an outlet for my more critical (and sometimes meaner) side. Since then, I’ve decided to use it for more practical means. It’s mostly a blog about different design and pop culture topics, as well as being the new host to my resume and portfolio.

Although I hope expect plan get back to my old updating scheduele, I will only be updating big red marker on a weekly basis. If you’re interested, feel free to check it out here.

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Behold The Almighty EAD!!

Dec 17

Get a job!Before we entered the INS office, John and I made a little wager. $10 on whether or not my EAD interview would be an exhaustive nightmare or a breeze.

From the get-go, things look bad. Security stopped us because I had inadvertantly left my digital camera in my purse, forcing John to run it back to the truck. Once inside, I scoped out the Employment Authorization area and quickly surmised that it was going to be a quickie.

Of course I was right, and with the exception of John’s incident with the cranky INS officer who chased him around yelling, “I told you to get out of the way!” All told, we were in and out in an hour. All that’s left now is to find a job.

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One For The Money

Dec 16

Welp… tomorrow is my big day at the INS. With any luck I will return home from my interview with permission to get off my ass and get a job. Work is only desirable when you don’t have any, but I’m sure getting back into the swing of things will be good for me and keep me happy for some time.

Once working, I plan to do 3 things: pay large sums of money to creditors, plan a visit back to Canada, and get a new car. It’s been years since I’ve had my own car, so the idea makes me giggle like a little girl. Originally I wanted a Rav4 but then got really excited about the Sante Fe, these days I’m leaning toward the Matrix. It’s a bit more affordable, one of the options in a petscreen for the hatchback and the commercial is filmed in Toronto.

Anyway, all this talk of jobs and stuff means I must work on my resume and get it up on the web. Weee.

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All I Want For Xmas

Dec 07

This Thanksgiving, I made a point of noting that this year I am thankful for my visa. Sure I now have a great husband, a wonderful home and everyone’s still healthy, but the visa was a big accomplishment and with out it things would be alot different.

I got my first xmas card from my Nanny back in Toronto today. Despite the fact that I usually cringe at the thought of spending xmas with my extended family, I feel a touch sentimental mostly because I couldn’t spend the holiday with them even if I wanted to.

On Friday I got my notice to appear for my EAD (emplyment authorization document) interview on December 17, 2002. At long last, I will be able to work again. Ofcourse this means I won’t be able to sit around and play video games all day, but it also means that I won’t have to sit around playing video games all day.

In short, all I want for xmas is my EAD.

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Is This Love I’m Feeling?

Dec 04

No actually, I think it’s guilt.

Maybe it’s time for a redesign here at 27things… I haven’t really felt like posting much lately, not for any reason other than … well, like I said I haven’t felt like it. The lack of blogging enthusiam is a bit inconvient, considering I recently bought a new URL and started a 2nd blog. I’m hoping a redesign might get me going again. Who knows.

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