Here Comes The Bride

Aug 31

Welp… today is the day. From now on I’ll be Mrs. Monkey to you. I’ll be sure to post all the details and fill you in on the 10 day visit with my mom.
Note to self: relax!

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This Would Be The Title

Aug 17

1. Today I picked out my wedding dress. It’s much fancier and more expensive than I had imagined, but I can’t wait to wear it.
2. Tonight John and I deleted our level 40-something DAoC characters (on Midgard, Gawaine) to reroll in a different realm (Hibernia, Gawaine – the pansy realm) so we could play with some new friends. John gave all his stuff away – I deleted everything I had along with my beloved hunter. Who ever said you can’t take it with you never played DAoC.
3. I’m thinking about rebuilding my greymatter site on Blogger is fine and all, but it’s just not enough. John doesn’t know this yet, but hopefully i remember to bring it up before he reads this. ;)
4. My new site would also include stuffs for my family so I don’t have to suffer from excessive guilt due to lack of calls home.

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Yesterday There Was a Lizard On My Balcony

Aug 01

Begin at the begining.
A few weeks ago, John’s old fraternity brother came to town and we joined him for dinner at the original Ninfa’s. Ninfa’s, for all you Yankees, is the best mexican food on earth, and Ninfa has been credited for taking all that is mexican and making it uber yummy. We had several ninfaritas and Sean told us that he was going to the Flickerstick show. Well, we had been having fun with Sean and were feeling pretty buzzed, se we decided to join him. While lingering outside the club, we bumped into an old friend of John and Sean. It so happened that he worked at the club, so he let us all in for free. Weee. Anyway, not 10 minutes after entering, I scoped the place out, spotting Sabby in seconds. She seemed a little shocked to be accosted by none other than 27, but Matt skipped immediately from surprise to hugs. We tried to shout over music for a while and I gave them my impressions of Houston so far. Sabby seemed a little more shy than I had expected, but Matt was pure Matt.
One of the things Matt and I shouted about was Dayna. Well wouldn’t you know it, a couple days later an email arrives in my inbox. She’s been working (believe it Brian, it’s true), and said that she is so busy with work and Chris on 10 hr shifts that sometimes she forgets she even has a computer. *boggle* Anyway, I was really happy to hear from her, as I’d sent out a random email to let her know that i’d arrived, at long last, in Houston.
I know I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff, but the last thing that comes to mind is planning our wedding. When we first talked about marriage, we had lofty expectations… eloping to the south of france, vegas, san fran… *bling* (that was the sound of our reality check) So, it looks like the wedding day will be Aug 31. The monkey and your number 27 will be married in a private ceremony (just like a couple of hollywood celebs) and the parents will join us for dinner. No fuss, no muss, not enormous dent in our wallets.

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