Tonight’s the Night

Dec 21

We’ve been working so hard at work ( <– sarcasm ) for the past 2 weeks, that the paper is almost done already and it's not schedueled to go to press until 6:30 tonight (translation: all the other departments actually managed to submit their materials on time). So that means, today will be a pretty relaxed trip.

Management is serving brunch for the staff at noon, and after that I get to leave early so I can meet the monkey at the airport. Yay! I don’t think I’ll be updating much for the next 2 weeks, so I want to wish all my aether friends a Merry Xmas (you heard me, Matt) and a Happy New Year. Love to y’all and y’alls family… especially Matt, Val, Dayna and all the others who have the wee ones that really make it a wonderful time of year

Peace. Dust.

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Incase I’m Not Nerdy Enough for You

Dec 20

I just wanted to point out that I’ve already decided what kind of character I will be playing when I first start DAoC. Interested? Too bad, I’m telling you regardless:

Initially, I will play in Midgard, so I’ve chosen Norseman as my race and Hunter as my class. Hunters start out as rogues and then move on to join the House of Skadi where they learn to be hunters. I chose hunter because “they can also shapeshift into animal form at higher levels.” COOL.

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31 Hours Until the Monkey Lands

Dec 20

Am I excited? You betcha! I’ve been cleaning like mad and yesterday I went out and bought some fresh cut flowers so my place doesn’t look so drab. Everything is almost ready… and tonight after work, I pick up my ring! With it sized to fit the right finger, maybe people will stop looking at me like it’s a cheap piece of costume jewellry.

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I Own Two Records

Dec 19

I only 2 albums on vinyl. The first is Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, the other is 668 Neighbour of the Beast by My Dog Popper. They’re a Canadian 80′s punk band from Montreal. Check it. This song is call Suck My Cock.

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Psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?

Dec 19

I had a very unnerving subway experience today on my way to work. I’m riding along minding my own business, the train stops at Dundas station and this very creepy person gets on, so creepy that I almost jumped off.

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It’s the Thought that Counts. But What if It’s Thoughtless?

Dec 19

I just finished reading Smyth’s post about how he loves Christmas, and I thought I might post my own thoughts about this special time of year…

Unlike Smyth, I am not reminded of happy times gone by; perhaps the year that my parents seperated and I spent 4 hours in at my bedroom window, willing each car that passed by to turn into my driveway, or the first family Christmas with out my Dad, when all my aunts clawed each others eyes out over turkey. And being the black sheep of my family, Christmas was the one time of year that I couldn’t escape the scrutiny of my extended family: “So I hear you dropped out again,” “Don’t you see how this is just killing your mom?” “When are you going to get your shit together?”

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Excuse Me, Now I Must Kick Your Teeth In

Dec 18

Another bad streetcar experience today. I take the King car to work in the morning, and if you lived in Toronto, you’d know that it is known far and wide as being the most despised route. If you mention the King car in my neighbourhood, you’re in for an earfull of bitching: “Sometimes I wait 40 minutes.” “I usually have to let at least 2 cars go by before there’s room to get on.” “People never move to the back.”

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For Matt

Dec 17

“I lost my job today, which used to be the way

I could afford to live to hate another day

and now I can’t afford to even be bored anymore.

It’s kind of good to feel bad again,

mad again, sad again. I’ll be doing that again.

I don’t have to tell you I do it really well.”

YOU TODAY – Mr T Experience

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Remind You of Anything?

Dec 17

“what’s wrong with everyone?

there’s a panic in their eyes

like others getting close are aliens, in disguise

they smell conspiracy on the lips of dearest friends

reminds me of a time long ago,

they think it’s the end

of what we all created,

used to love but now we hate it.”

SADDEST SONG – No Use For A Name

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I Dream of Dayna

Dec 16

I had a dream that I drove out to Dayna’s place in Indianna. When I arrived she seemed pretty distracted and talked mostly to Cameron, who had beautiful, long, curly, blond hair and looked mostly like a girl.

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