.:: today.will.be.the.day ::. [ woot!

Apr 27

.:: today.will.be.the.day ::.
[ woot! ]
guess where i am going? (smells the new car smell)
see you on the flip side kiddies!!

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.:: chicago.bound ::. [ here

Apr 26

.:: chicago.bound ::.
[ here they come ]
tomorrow we go to chicago! woo hoo! i just got off the phone with tracy; she’s pretty excited. i guess i’m excited too, but i’ve been going to work 2 hrs early all week and i could use a couple days to sleep. anyway…
i’m still working on majestic stuff. my web skills are getting better and better. guess that means a revamp for vitaminMe may be in the future. in the mean time, check out my current majestic site, area27.
when i come back from chicago, i’ll be doing a weblog marathon… creating a new blog for majestic web devs and webmasters, as well as linking some of the cool weblogs i like to read.
last thing: new url. damn digital rice! pls bookmark it, i need the attention.

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.:: this.is.not.a.love.song ::.. [ work,

Apr 23

.:: this.is.not.a.love.song ::..
[ work, work, work ]
this is Bermuda’s weblog:
Dave “Bermuda” Schwartz, a/k/a bermuda653
he uses some *live journal* to generate it. it’s all fine and everything, but i (and a few others) are trying to convince him to switch over to blogger. the funny thing is, he’s been “adopted” by a fellow livejournal user who has been offering him support and encouraging him to stay. it all seems rather cultish… but i am convinced that milosgirl is the livejournal mole. anyway, check it and i promise more links soon.

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hey, check this out! jackie

Apr 19

hey, check this out! jackie chan the stick man.

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.:: it’s.the.end.of.the.ramones ::. [ speechless

Apr 16

.:: it’s.the.end.of.the.ramones ::.
[ speechless ]
RIP joey. see you on the other side. don’t let god force you to cut your hair and give my regards to jesus

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.:: i.can.not.tell.a.lie ::. [ majestic

Apr 14

.:: i.can.not.tell.a.lie ::.
[ majestic has taken over my life ]
woop! my majestic page is finally finished!! feel free to check it out ~ area27. watch for hidden areas!!
maybe i can get back to my life now… that is, providing i can resist the constant urge to ad new stuff every 5 minutes.
okay time to clean up – the parents are coming over.

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.:: not.a.day.goes.by ::. [ coderfic

Apr 12

.:: not.a.day.goes.by ::.
[ coderfic ]
today i took a trip to cgi land. my brain really hurts, but i think i see the light at the end of the tunnel. woop! go, dust!
on a somewhat related note, i gave my url out a few strangers today, and when i arrived here to update, i realized that the nobodys quote was still up. way to make a good impression, dust. d’oh.
2 weeks until chicago… tracy told me she had bad news today, but i still don’t know what it is.
i keep coming back to look at those boots. yum.

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.:: another.day.another.internet.addiction ::. [ weeeeeeeeeee!

Apr 03

.:: another.day.another.internet.addiction ::.
[ weeeeeeeeeee! ]
one word majestic. of course, it’s by electronic arts. they do make all the bestest games afterall.
must close eyes.

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.:: i.have.nothing.to.say ::. [ this

Apr 03

.:: i.have.nothing.to.say ::.
[ this place sucks, this place sucks, this place sucks ]
okay… is jj nobody coming to toronto or not? somebody needs to make up their freakin’ mind, already… ewan.
one show that is coming: the pharcyde, with ugly duckling. jerk doubts me; he says the pharcyde split up. see for yourself, yo.
hey, tracy, check out these bands… they’re all coming to toronto soon:
the slackers
59 times the pain and within reach
one last thing: everybody buy some shoes. cool, daddy-o!


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.:: this.one’s.for.the.jerk ::. [ you

Apr 02

.:: this.one’s.for.the.jerk ::.
[ you love it ]
william gibson talks about japan

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