The Origin Story

A long time ago, in an internet far, far away, I decided to create a weblog. It was after the burst of the dot-com bubble, during the slow afterburn that eventually tore through start-ups like a California wildfire, when having internet access and email at work was a newly common thing and people still used fax machines. “Weblogs” were relatively new and strange things, and I was (mostly) young and doing my damnedest to become less dumb. Without a second thought, the internet sucked me in.

I created my first blog in 2001 and chronicled my online and real lives on and off for nearly a decade. The original posts tell the story of virtual friendships—back then we still used “virtual” unironically—and inside jokes, online games, website redesigns, life before the red squiggle (oh, so many typos!), and my immigration to the US from Canada. You could read the blog chronologically (or not!) and imagine it offers a complete picture of my life during those years, but it was really a story told to people online that already knew me and much of the detail was confined to AIM chats and emails. So rather than let you read it yourself and attempt to fill in the blanks—which you can totally do here against my recommendation—I decided to read it to you.

27things, once a blog, has become a blog about a blog. Read along with me as I revisit my past life on the internet, making fun of my own spelling mistakes, myself and the internet as it was, and reflect upon sweet and sour memories of unreliable servers, online friends, romance and some good fashioned internet drama.

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